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10 Biggest Corporate Deals Of 2015

10 Biggest Corporate Deals Of 2015

NEW YORK (AP) - It has been a record year for corporate deals.

Companies made more than $4.7 trillion in deals so far this year, surpassing 2007 as the top year for deals, according to Dealogic. The most recent deal, a tie-up of Dow Chemical and DuPont announced Friday, adds more than $60 billion to the total.

Here's a look back at the top deals, cheapest viagra ranked by Dealogic.

1. Pfizer and Allergan

The deal would create the world's largest drug company, bringing Pfizer's erectile dysfunction drug buy viagra without prescription and Allergan's wrinkle treatment Botox under one company.

Value: $148.6 billion

Announced: November

Status: Pending

2. Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller

AB InBev, already the world's largest brewer, will get even bigger after the deal closes. AB InBev makes Budweiser beer, while SABMiller makes Miller Genuine Draft.

Value: $105.6 billion

Announced: October

Status: Pending

3. Royal Dutch Shell and BG Group

Oil and gas company Shell says it wants to buy viagra without prescription rival BG Group to boost its presence in the liquefied natural gas market.

Value: $69.8 billion

Announced: April

Status: Pending

4. Dell and EMC

Dell, sildenafil over the counter maker of personal computers, is buying EMC to get into the growing data-storage industry.

Value: $66 billion

Announced: October

Status: Pending

5. Dow Chemical and DuPont

The two companies expect to combine and then split into three publicly traded companies focusing on agriculture, material science and specialty products.

Value: $62. sildenafil 100 mg 4 billion

Announced: December

Status: Pending

6. Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable

Combining the cable companies will create one of the largest TV and Internet providers in sildenafil over the counter U.S.

Value: $56.8 billion

Announced: May

Status: Pending

7. HJ Heinz and Kraft Foods Group

HJ Heinz buying Kraft Foods created the third-largest food company, bringing together well-known brands Oscar Mayer hot dogs, Ore-Ida frozen french fries and Heinz ketchup.

Value: $53.8 billion

Announced: March

Status: Completed

8. Anthem and Cigna

Based on enrollments, Anthem buying Cigna would create the nation's largest health insurer.

Value: $51.9 billion

Announced: June

Status: Pending

9. PayPal split

E-commerce company eBay Inc. split off payments company PayPal into a separate, publicly traded company.

Value: $49.2 billion

Completed: July

Status: Completed

10. Teva Pharmaceutical and Allergan Generics

Pharmaceutical company Teva is in the process of buying Allergan's generic drug business.

Value: $40.5 billion

Announced: July

Status Pending


Source: Dealogic

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